Issues concerning the initiation of discussion notifications

Hello,everyong. I have a problem. Issues concerning the initiation of discussion notifications; A third party email client, such as Sailthru. For information about how to configure your email client, see the documentation For the client. 'where should I find the Sailthru client documentation

Hi @Dexter, Sailthru has general documentation available here, on their website:
Though I haven’t used Sailthru much myself.

edX ACE also supports sending email via the configured Django mail client. This is it’s default setting.
The default upstream mail server for edX instances is the localhost mail server, but if you need to use a different upstream mail server, it can be configured with the EDXAPP_EMAIL_HOST configuration option, or by setting EMAIL_HOST in your lms.env.json and cms.env.json settings on the instance.

@joshm Thank you. Are you saying that the default of the edx backend is to send mail using the Django mail engine? I sent some Django email configuration in the configuration file, but it didn’t work. Why? Can you show me the configuration for the Django mail engine to send mail? Or do you teach me how to configure it?