Join the Redwood Testing Team!

Calling All Community Members to Test The Release

We’re a month out from releasing our next Named Release, Redwood! We thoroughly test each release candidate before it goes live to make sure that the versions of Open edX software you install are proven to work.

No matter what role you play within the Open edX community, you are a perfect tester, and we’d be thrilled to have you join us! Anyone who’s ever used the platform is fully qualified to help us in our testing effort.

How do I join?

It’s easy! Check out the instructions for running a release test. But in short, you’ll pick a test off the Redwood testing spreadsheet, visit a dedicated test sandbox, execute the test, and log the results on the spreadsheet. You’ll also file a ticket in this GitHub repository in the case of a failing test, and community product managers and engineers will triage and fix it.

Tests are defined, and results logged, on the Redwood release testing spreadsheet. That spreadsheet also contains links to our testing sandbox and a cheat sheet of information and links.


All tests need to be completed by Friday, 31 May.

I have more questions!

Get in touch! Please comment on this forums post, or reach out in #wg-build-test-release in Slack.


We want to recognize all the effort that went into our last release, Quince. Particularly, our stellar testing team included power-testers @Fayyaz_Ahmed, @Suleman_Rafi, @Dean @john_curricume, @mgmdi, and @Faisal_Rasheed. Thank you for making it happen!

Note: some features are not ready for testing as of 5/16

Tests that cannot yet be performed are highlighted in red on the testing sheet. As the features are enabled on the testing site, we will remove the highlight and note the update in this thread.

Currently missing from the test site:

  • Ecommerce
  • Credentials (test 107)
  • Custom-Response Problems (test 195)

@pdpinch I want to voluteer in executing test plan for redwood. Kindly add me on test plan sheet.

Hi @pdpinch, Have a nice day!

I’m keen to join the test execution activity, willing to contribute my skills for success. Kindly consider my commitment when selecting participants.

Count me in!

Side note: The test courses currently in the sandbox seem to have a bunch of features turned off (like calculator, wiki, and the new nav bar). Any chance we could get one with all of them on? I would make one myself but the verification e-mail has not arrived yet.