NEED HELP: Redwood Testing >80% complete!

First the good news: we’ve been doing a great job knocking off the tests for the Redwood Release. As of this writing, 81.6% of tests are complete!

And only 9 failures – That’s fabulous!

The bad news is that we need to finish testing by Friday 5/31 so that the folks who are fixing bugs have a chance to fix them all.

  • If you have a test assigned to you, but you have not started, please start soon so you can make the Friday deadline.
  • Same thing if your test is in progress – finish it soon.
  • If you are blocked on a test, please open a bug start a thread in Slack #wg-build-test-release so we can figure out how to unblock you.

Finally, we have just eleven tests that have not been assigned. Please, if you’re reading this and wondering how you can help, take a look a these tests and assign one to yourself.

  1. TC_DEVOPS_17
  2. TC_DEVOPS_19
  3. TC_LEARNER_12
  4. TC_LEARNER_13
  5. TC_AUTHOR_149
  7. TC_LEARNER_18
  8. TC_DEVOPS_13
  9. TC_AUTHOR_70
  10. TC_AUTHOR_6
  11. TC_DEVOPS_12