Juniper Alpha native install fails

I tried to install juniper alpha1 on a clean Ubuntu VM on VirtualBox. Here is the error I received.

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@mikedkelly Has this error persisted? It seems like a network connectivity issue.

I will try again, but I am installing to a local machine and the address is not part of my local network. I am suspicious that the address has been hard-coded to the install script and is invalid.

This because you are outside AWS. You should disable anything related to AWS in the playbooks.

@mikedkelly is an internal AWS address. It doesn’t appear in the edx-configuration repo at all, so I’m not sure where it’s coming from. When you get a chance, if you can pastebin the install log, we can take a look.

Here is a link to the install log.!AnBji8O4qinYhMZ2Bq64JvDQ21Xfxg?e=0yhnfo

I created the following config.yml file for the install:

and subsequently added the following to /etc/hosts:

Thanks, that’s very helpful. I’ve created CRI-176 to track it.

There’s an ansible setting called AWS_GATHER_FACTS that controls whether to rely on the internal AWS information. That setting of course is influenced by other settings, so I’m not sure the best way to disable it.

I’m looking into it.

I’ve fixed this on the open-release/juniper.alpha1 branch. @mikedkelly Can you try it out?

Thanks Ned. The native install now completes without error.