How to upgrade to Open edX Juniper?

Is there any official document to update edx to latest juniper version.

Hi @rmtest, welcome to the community! I’ve moved your post to another category so that it’s more likely to get a response. I’m afraid I can’t be much help here, but bumping for visibility!


Juniper was not officially released, yet, which means that there are no upgrade instructions for now. You are welcome to try out the open-release/juniper.alpha1 git tag, but it’s almost certain that some things will break. If you do, please report your issues in this forum, as others already have.

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I tried to install juniper alpha1 on a clean Ubuntu VM on VirtualBox. Here is the error I received.

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Hi @mikedkelly, we are still working on the initial alpha release which is likely why you are seeing this issue. I also tried out the moderation tools and moved this post into another Juniper Alpha question to see what that experience would be like.

Thanks for reporting this!

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