Juniper Ecommerce redirect issue

I have installed open edx juniper.After configuring Ecommerce,When i visit to,it redirect me to lms .After login in,it take me to lms dashboard ,instead of ecommerce dashboard

There is indeed a change in ecommerce. I faced this problem when I updated from ironwood to juniper.

Now the issue is even if you authenticate in LMS with a superuser account, the superuser status is not transferred to the account created in ecommerce.

I couldn’t solve the problem myself so I just skipped it by manually adding superuser status to the desired accounts. You can do that from within an ecommerce shell.

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To add superuser status ,we need to run this cmd from ecommerce terminal
./ shell -c “from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model; get_user_model().objects.filter(email=‘’).update(is_staff=True, is_superuser=True)”