Open edX Juniper release student account can't access courses

Hi All,

I am trying to install and configure open edx juniper.master release. The installation went perfectly but when I try to access a course with a student account it is not working. Any Ideas?

And also, is it possible to upgrade directly from ginkgo to juniper release?

Hello @Mickiyas_Ephrem,

By course what do you mean, is it course about page or courseware page?
If it is course about page then check the value of PREVIEW_LMS_BASE in your setting file, it should not be the same as your LMS domain name.

AFAIK, it is advisable to upgrade sequentially (Ginkgo > Hawthorn > Ironwood > Juniper).

Hi @jramnai,

Thanks for your replay

Both courses about page and courseware page are not working (page not found error)

I checked this by setting up different PREVIEW_LMS_BASE in both cms and lms settings but it is still the same. I even tried it without setting up the value for it. And also there is no error message in the log files too.