Koa installation attempt - missing python.edxapp

Hi guys, trying to start using Open edX. I installed newest version I could find. Koa.
It is installed well and is running. Now it is a time i configured the platform.
But unfortunately i cant find /edx/bin/python.edxapp.
Where is the file?


I suspect you’re trying to follow some instructions from this page. I’m afraid that it’s outdated.

What task are you trying to perform?

If you want to run some Django management command, in devstack you can do it like this:

make lms-shell
./manage.py lms print_setting DEBUG

If you run native installation:

sudo su edxapp -s /bin/bash
source edxapp_env
/edx/bin/manage.edxapp lms print_setting DEBUG

Hi Demid,
thanks so much for your reply. It is really helpful.
I want to arrange a demo of Open edX to my good friend who has a school that was closed recently.
He wants to start using edX for his students.
The software is complicated for me as a first time user. Is there any way where i can get some guidance?
THanks, Alek.

@ALEK_BARSKY, you always can ask questions here, or in the Slack channel.

Also, you may consider using fully managed installation. Many of providers listed on this page have trial options, allow you to customize your instance and provide support.

were you able to login as admin and create your demo? Im stuck at the admin creation

Hi. Are you trying to create admin via LMS shell?

It took me while to understand that this admin creation is within Django application.
So look up how to administer Django. It helped me to understand the install process.

YA so I understand correctly, i can log into django shell via ssh? and do it from there?

also have you connected your instance to a domain yet?

also, i have a user which is staff id like to just make staff super user. but I feel like im going in circles on all of this lol

I was poking around edX to help my friend. He runs a private school and wants to put more content on WEB.
I passed my build to him and he is trying to figure out the content creation aspect of the system. I am not too involved with this project now and don’t remember details.
I remember there was a way to setup staff and student user. I think that what you want to do.