No /edx/bin/python.edxapp in koa2a

In the latest release - Koa that I installed /edx/bin/python.edxapp is not present. I am trying to create a superuser account to manage the LMS and CMS. Where do I find the relevant python binary? Also, the is outdated, any timeline on when this can be updated? We are very new to this and are struggling to find a structured documentation that walks us through all the basic steps that we should perform after installing in order to deploy our own course to production?

Hi @sanketkedia,

I use the following steps to create a superuser

sudo su edxapp -s /bin/bash
cd ~
source edxapp_env
cd edx-platfrom
./ lms --settings production createsuperuser

Hope this helps!

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This was removed by this commit to edx/configuration. In short, those symlinks would’ve no longer worked after an upgrade to virtualenv.

Unfortunately, as you have seen this has affected a ton of tips-and-tricks-style documents that have been collated by different people over the years. There is no timeline on when they’ll all be updated, but we sure welcome any help on that front - those are mostly just wikis, after all.