Koa master branches are available

I’ve created the open-release/koa.master branches in the appropriate repos. This is an important step toward the Koa release, due in early December.

Please test Koa! The current branch to test with is open-release/koa.test01 (Note: this is a branch, but it will not move. I made it a branch so it could be cleaned up later. Tags are hard to remove.)

If you find problems with Koa, please report them by creating an issue in the BTR Jira board. If you are unsure if something is a real problem, it is fine to create an issue. You can also discuss possible concerns here in Discourse, or in the #wg-build-test-release channel in Slack.

We also need to compile upgrade instructions. I’ve made a page to collect them: https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/COMM/pages/2011365498/Koa+Upgrade+instructions

Let the testing begin!