Letter grade and/or percent grade in certificates

Hi all,
Do you know if it is possible to include the letter grade (A/B/C/D) or the final percent grade value in the certificate?

Hello @andres

Yes, we can add the letter grade or final percent grade to the certificate. For this, we need to do customization in the certificate app.

Thanks @kavahd. I guess you had to touch the code to make the grade available at the context variable, correct? Can you share you changes?

Hi @andres ,
I recently solved the main thing ( to render Letter grade /percent grade in certificate template) by :

  1. By querying out the current user score /percent from GenerateCertificate Model.
    2.Compute letter grade using grade_cutoffs dict which contains letter grade as keys and cutoffs as values .
  2. Upadte the certificate context variable with the percent & letter grade keys & values.
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Thanks @kritika_arora! Would you like to create a PR for this? I think it would be a valuable yet simple change. Just making the info available in the context.

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yes would like to create the PR for this as user grade should be visible on the certificate.