Percentage to earn a certificate

Hi educators,
we’re investigating a grading requirement. In the Grading settings, you can set a threshold (or more) to earn the course certificate, which is calculated on the total amount of the evaluations.
The evaluated exercises belong to all the groups “assignment” and a % of weight is assigned to the total vote (the overall grade range is 60%). Is it possible to establish a minimum threshold for “assignment”?
So for example, I have 3 evaluated exercise which weigh 100% to earn the certificate. By answering correctly only two of these exercises I could get the certificate.
Otherwise, could I get the certificate having reached 60% of the right answers for “each exercise”?
Do you have experience on a similar requirement?
Thank you for your feedbacks!

Hi Ilaria! I’m familiar with this type of grading policy, but I don’t know how it’s called in English (even after some research – in French it’s called évaluation à double seuil). Perhaps “dual-threshold”, “double-threshold” or maybe “two-tier” grading. In any case I looked at the documentation and unfortunately could not find any instructions on how to implement this.

In most courses I’ve taught in my past life, the grading policy specified that students needed to pass the exam to pass the course, regardless of how well they scored in their graded homework. If this feature exists in Open edX, I’d also be curious to see how to implement it.

Hello @Ilaria_Botti!

Unfortunately, openedx platform does not generate the criteria you mentioned for certificate generation. However, we recommend you consider the following documentation where you will find specific information related to certificates and the grading policy for generating them. This will help you decide how to configure your certificate: