Linking ecommerce to lms (devstack vs production)


I am struggling to get LMS and ecommerce inter-communicate properly in ironwood.master.

I’ve configured login to ecommerce using LMS as an OAuth provider, in both native and devstack settings.

However, there are some operations for which there is an implicit communication between the two services, not through browser/ http redirections, but using a backend service.
examples are :

  1. ecommerce has a course administration tool to create a course seat > which is then published to LMS as a course mode.
  2. When you unenroll from a course, LMS asks ecommerce if a refund should be applied.

I’ve got these two to work in devstack, but in production the management command is displayed differently although the command file is the same.

In ecommerce, ./ create_or_update_site has more options in devstack than in production, such as :


how can i get ecommerce in production to parse the missing options ?
and what other parts of the configuration should be done in LMS ?