Linking within a Course Run

Hi All,

Just tapping the hive mind around efficient linking within an edX course. For example, “/jump_to_id/” works great to keep links working correctly in new runs of a course, but what about content that is outside of the core content - like pages/tabs or handouts?

Links like this one need to be updated every time you rerun the course and sometimes those links are buried in the course content.

Thanks for any ideas,

Hello @bpedx :slight_smile:
I believe you can use relative url for most links going to other parts of the course in order to have them still working after the course is rerun.

If you are adding the links inside a normal unit:

a href="/jump_to_id/4dfc66c2bbe34872b288f5803d0f73b6" - This link goes to a different unit
a href="/course/" - This link goes to the course outline
a href="…/…/08f58ab9d06c4b25bde5354191760d46/" - This link goes to a course section
a href="…/…/08f58ab9d06c4b25bde5354191760d46/b6b264aebb6b4e71bbd2f304bb05934e/" - This link goes to a course subsection
a href="…/…/…/progress" - This link goes to the course progress page
a href="…/…/…/cd9677d1ec4c4a1a8ce698370ab7acc8/" - This link goes to an additional course page (tab)
a href="…/…/…/pdfbook/0/" - This link goes to the course textbook

I hope it helps