Lists of the students

How could I find the lists of all the account holders as students.
Where to find in how many courses are enrolled by any account holder, and what are their progress?

Hi @aliabdullah!

Are you looking for something like a report or an API?

For an API way of doing things, the solution available is the Enrollment API, and it allows listing of all courses a user is enrolled, among other functionality.

From your instance, you can access:
http://localhost:18000/api/enrollment/v1/enrollment (I’m using the devstack, but replace localhost:18000 with yout instance’s url.

And pass a number of parameters to retrieve student data. To a proper documentation, refer to the Open edX API Documentation, and look for the enrollment section of that page.

As for progress, there’s limited support in the vanilla installation:

  • Grades, Problems, and ORA data reports in instructor dashboard
  • View Progress page as user in instructor dashboard
  • /completion/v1/subsection-completion/: retrieve subsection completion for a user for a course.

Also, if you’re using a self-hosted instance, you can install the openedx-completion-aggregator (if compatible) to aggregate completion data by section and course.

Check the repo to see it’s capabilities and if it fits in your use case:

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