Live-tagging Lilac.1

As we did with Koa.2, we intend to branch, and later tag, Lilac.1 on two open-to-all Zoom meetings:

  • The first one (Zoom URL 1) will be held tomorrow, Tuesday June 8th at 15:00 UTC (Timezone converter), when we’ll be branching off a test version of what will later in the day become Lilac.1 from open-release/lilac.master.
  • The second (Zoom URL 2) will also be tomorrow, Tuesday June 8th, but at 17:30 UTC (Timezone converter). The 2 intervening hours should give us time to confirm that the branch created above is actually deployable. If this turns out to be the case, we tag Lilac.1 to match.

You can also find join information in the BTR calendar.

Tagging @regis as per his request.

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