Live-tagging Koa.2

Our plan is to tag updates to community releases every two months. Since Koa was released as koa.1 on December 9th, we should make koa.2 tomorrow on February 9th.

As part of shifting effort and capability to the community, I’m going to work with @arbrandes to do the tagging live in a Zoom meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom at 2pm Eastern US time.

You are welcome to join us if you want to see how it is done, and what friction points we have to work through. We’ll also record the session.

The steps are (somewhere) on this wiki page: Process to Create an Open edX Release.


As noted in Releases, I’m happy to report that our attempt to live-stream the koa.2 tagging procedure in under one hour was (mostly) a success! Not that there weren’t a couple of hitches, but they were by and large informative (as opposed to grave mistakes). And we did manage to get koa.2 out in time, so… There you go.

@nedbat will be posting the recording here soon, and I’ll be adding notes to the wiki page reflecting the experience for the benefit of future release managers.



Thanks @arbrandes for working through the process! I’m really pleased to be able to shift the capability to the community.

The recording is here: Live Tagging Koa.2 Passcode: wt&.27nj