LMS and Studio Sign In not redirecting

When using the LMS Sign In page (edit: either on its own, or to login to Studio via SSO), I’m not being redirected back to Studio after logging in.

There’s an error showing in the Javascript console which seems to be interrupting the redirect to the page in the next parameter:

Uncaught TypeError: n is null

Traceback puts the issue at around this line in lms/static/js/student_account/utils.js.

The authentication attempt succeeds, it’s just the redirect that’s failing. Happens in both Firefox and Chrome, on latest master (see Periodic Build Master service), and in the edx/devstack too (haven’t tried Tutor yet). It’s not happening in lilac.master (see Periodic Build Lilac), nor on studio.edx.org.

Is anyone else seeing this issue?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Visit Studio and click the “Sign In” button, so that you’re redirected to the LMS Sign In form.
  2. Fill in email and password for an existing user.
  3. Hit Enter or click “Sign In” button
    Note that you remain on the LMS Sign In form, and the ‘Sign In’ button is now disabled.
  4. Return to Studio.
    Note that you’re logged in.
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I had it, couldn’t find any solution and client was fine to signin from studio itself.

I disabled the redirection.

I’ll check if it’s there in dev version

Thanks for confirming the issue @chintan :slight_smile:

I’m also seeing this problem on LMS login. Have located the source of the issue, and asked about it on a relevant PR.

Workaround for master builds is to set EDXAPP_EDXMKTG_USER_INFO_COOKIE_NAME = "prod-edx-user-info", or "stage-edx-user-info" or "edge-edx-user-info" if your deployed LMS hostname has the word stage or edge in it, respectively. But obviously, it would be better if this were fixed, and the cookie name pulled from the setting instead of interpreted from the hostname.

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Nudge @Zia_Fazal – could you have a look at my question on this PR ?

FYI @arbrandes and @regis – this is an issue in current master, so will affect Maple.


FYI @jill I’m currently working on getting Tutor to work with the master branch of edx-platform, and this is the very first issue which I encountered. I’m glad you told me about it in advance :slight_smile: