Load Testing - Open edX LMS

Hi All,

I am planning to test the Openedx-LMS port for 5000 concurrent users. Openedx is hosted on Azure infrastructure.

Any suggestions as to which tool to be used for it?


Hi @chinmaybhatk!
There was an edx-load-tests repository, but unfortunately it’s not supported anymore. You could try using it if you’d like to - it might still be working for Ironwood.

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

I will check and write my comment asap.

@chinmaybhatk did you end up having any luck with that load testing repository? We’re about to embark on running some load tests of our own.

No, we haven’t used it. we used Jmeter and used ‘record and play’ feature & increased the number of threads to check the load on the server.