Open edx platform compared to Udemy and demo access to admin

Hi All, I have a couple of questions on Open edX. Can someone please assist me. Thanks in Advance

  1. Can I run Open edx completely like an Udemy / Coursera site? Any limitations compared to those kind of platforms.
  2. I can use docker to implement?
  3. How can I try the demo of the Admin and Course Content provider, I did register to try the demo on IBM Cloud but didn’t get admin access.
  4. How is the support community like? Any form of paid support?

Hi @Arnab_S! Let me try to answer your questions one by one.

You will need to ask a more specific question. Open edX and Coursera/Udemy don’t have the same user interface and the features are different.

Yes, with Tutor:

We provide a demo website:
Credentials are available here:

Community support is good as long as you ask detailed questions and you do your homework (read docs and try things out yourself). At Overhang.IO we provide a long-term support (LTS) release:

Hi Regis, thanks a lot for taking the time to reply to my questions.

  1. Can Open edX be used similar to an E-learning platform like Udemy/ Coursera, as both as an LMS & E-Commerce? Where there is multi-tenant architecture, and multiple course providers can register and post their courses and sell them online, and similarly multiple users can buy them.

  2. Thank you for the Tutor link on Docker

  3. Thank you, but please re-check the demo link, it is not working for me.
    Thank you, going through the Tutor documentation.

  4. Noted and thanks, and thank you for the link.

The payment portal uses the same credentials for all courses, so you would have to re-dispatch payments to the course providers, but otherwise this is possible, yes.

There was an issue with the SSL certificate generation. Please check the http version:

Thanks Regis for your reply.

The demo link works now. Any admin user that I can login with? and a Course Provider. As the registration is only as a learner right?

Please check the link above with the relevant credentials.

Hi, Regis

I been looking for the Demo of OpenedX and I try it in http mode but I can’t see it, actually I try it from Tutor Site but it’s not working, do you know if there is another address or where I can report to Overhang?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi @rodrigomx! The http version of the Tutor demo website was only available for a couple days. We are now back to https. Based on the time at which you wrote your comment, I suspect that the demo website was down because it is reset every day at midnight UTC. It is now back online:

@regis unfortunately I can’t see it, I receive a Internal Server Error, there I try HTTP only but it’s the same situation.

Can you help me please?

@rodrigomx, in addition to the demo instance, most of the Open edX service providers, including the one I work for - OpenCraft, offer a 30-day trial instance.

You can create a trial instance with OpenCraft from this page.

And if you don’t want to create an instance just for that, you can also use this test instance, which has a few demo courses to play with:


The usual test accounts are available to login with different levels of permission.