Can anyone provide link to the guide or documentation link on how to setup the lx-pathway-plugin ?


Hi @Gaurav_Vijayvergia,

There isn’t much setup for this plugin:

  1. install in the studio and lms environments (the readme has an example for installing in a devstack, otherwise use whatever method you need to install it as a python package)
  2. check settings.py for available options, and override by setting in the lms and cms env files. (eg /edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform/lms/envs/private.py)
  3. Run backend migrations for lms and studio to include any migrations from this plugin: (eg. ./manage.py lms migrate lx_pathway_plugin)

I believe running it requires the blockstore service in addition to the standard lms/studio services.

Hi @swalladge,

Thanks for the steps. Just trying to understand the concept of pathway configured on LabXchange site as below screenshot. I thought it was built using the same xblock. Please correct my understanding if that is not the case. Still in learning phase.

Thanks for your help.

(copying my answer from another thread)

Hi @Gaurav_Vijayvergia, Yes, lx-pathway-plugin is part of what’s used for LabXchange pathways, but there are lots of other pieces that are needed as well - and most of the important code is part of the LabXchange application itself, which is not currently open source. So you could theoretically build similar functionality and you could use lx-pathway-plugin to do so, but it would require a lot of work and a lot of new code before you could have similar functionality.