Migrating Django Plugins in Tutor dev

Hello, I’m new to open edX. I have been trying to build a plugin. This article has been of great help. But I ran into a few issues.
I’m trying to persist something into the database. I can access the plugin via the URL.

  1. How do I make migrations for my plugin? I’m currently running tutor dev run lms ./manage.py lms makemigrations django-app-plugin and getting an error No installed app with label 'django-app-plugin'
    What I have tried doing is pip install -e ./django-app-plugin I figured since this installs then it should be added to tutor’s plugins list tutor plugins list. This does not seem to be the case.

  2. How do I save my data to another database? Let’s say I want to persist my data to a PostgreSQL instance. This is something I would try out myself but I can’t get step one. I think it has something to do with overriding the docker-compose as the article shows in Step 3. part 2


  1. The plugin you are trying to add is not a tutor plugin, but rather Open edX. It should not be added to tutor plugins. Instead, it should be installed as an extra requirement via Tutor config value OPENEDX_EXTRA_PIP_REQUIREMENTS (Configuration and customisation — Tutor documentation).
  2. Do you want that solely for the plugin or Open edX installation as a whole?