Maple installation failing CORS_ORIGIN_WHITELIST

I’m getting failure during install of open-release/maple.1

?: (corsheaders.E013) Origin ‘lms.domain.tld:19010’ in CORS_ORIGIN_WHITELIST is missing scheme or netloc
HINT: Add a scheme (e.g. https://) or netloc (e.g.

in /edx/etc/lms.yml I see the lines:
- lms.domain.tld:19010

According to this issue on github, this is written incorrectly and rather should have been more like this:


BUT, if I edit the file then it gets overwritten during the installation method.

How can I make these changes persistent between installation attempts so that I can complete the installation?

@joel.edwards You seem to indicate you are using native,sh. The native installation isn’t supported in Maple.

As per Maple has been released! – Open edX
As announced when we released Lilac, the Tutor installation method is now the only supported way of installing the Maple release.

Thank you, sambapete. Nnot sure how I missed that to be honest…

I’m still having a whole host of other problems installing tutor but I’m trying to figure them out, I can tell you that the install instructions for Tutor DO NOT work on Debian 10.x (Buster) out of the box, but still trying to figure it out…