"Markdown is only accessible to enrolled learners. Sign in or register, and enroll in this course to view it."

Hi @mrtmm. I appreciate the Markdown plugin that you made for Open edX and I’ve been using it extensively. I recently decided to experiment with making a class fully public (via the Advanced Settings → Course Visibility For Unenrolled Learners → Public). When I do that, some components that I don’t want to be visible like Discussions and Completion are not visible, so that’s good. But the thing which I want to still be visible are the Markdown components, because that’s where I’ve started putting all the text for the course.

Is there a way to set something so that Markdown components retain visibility in Public classes, just like Text/HTML/Video components?

Hi @Rohan, from initial glance it looks like we are missing the implementation for the public_view. I agree that it should be supported similarly to Text/HTML components, we just never ran by it because we don’t have a use case. Let me see what I can do :slight_smile:

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Hi @Rohan, we added support for public courses and tagged 1.2.0. Please let us know if you encounter any issues with the implementation, thanks!

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FYI I’m still intending to test this, but first I need to get past this issue on my pre-production site (or I need to wait until I don’t see anyone using my production site to quickstart it…)