Libraries vs. Content Libraries, and "Course Visibility For Unenrolled Learners"=public classes

Searching the forums, I have basically the same question as this one: How [can I] make Library components visible in Public classes? (But I can’t reply to that thread because it’s closed.)

I can see in the past that @arbrandes said there was a thing called “Content Libraries” coming to replace Libraries. Are those here yet as of Olive or Palm?

Because I was just testing out classes with visibility set to “public” in Olive, and that has some benefits. But one of the drawbacks is that I had used libraries to share some material between classes, but in a public class that material disappears and gets replaced with “{Library Title} is only accessible to enrolled learners. Sign in or register, and enroll in this course to view it.”, which is not what I want for people visiting a public page. If they want to engage in a discussion, or track their completion, then sure, they should register. But if they just want to read some text and watch some videos, I’d like them to be able to do that.