Markdown plugin bugs

@mrtmm I see there’s an issue listed on the Markdown plugin github Issues page (specifically the jump_to_id URLs not working) which is apparently affecting one of my classes too. It doesn’t look like there’s been any commentary over there. Should things be posted here too?

Hi @oedx, thanks for letting me know. Tagging me in here or in an issue is a good idea, so I’ll surely get a notification :slight_smile: .
I am checking the issues now but could you elaborate what do you mean by “jump_to_id URL”. In the context of a unit page, what ID would you like to jump to? I’d like to reproduce the issue but I am not sure what is the expected behaviour. Thanks!

Ok, I see, it’s a feature for HTML components in edx-platform to jump between units based on the ID’s…
The Markdown XBlock uses markdown2 to translate content to HTML and does not have any extra features added at this point so it does not support the “jump_to_id” feature. We can look into adding it but I cannot make any promises as to when. For now, redirecting to links only works for full URL’s .

Thanks for the reply. Any thoughts on that other bug with tables? That seems like a more straightforward HTML thing… (And I thought tables weren’t working in raw HTML blocks, but apparently I just forgot the table tags, so they do actually work.)

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