Markdown xblock broken in Quince?

Does this Markdown xblock work for anyone else in Quince? It doesn’t seem to work for me.

cc @mrtmm who helped me with Markdown problems in the past. Thank you.

@Rohan Ack, thanks for the ping, I will look into it when I get a chance and update the XBlock.

Thanks Maari.

Also, just to confirm, the only thing that should be necessary is just pip install markdown-xblock==1.3.0 right? Because I just made a blank Palm instance too, and if I only do that, it doesn’t seem to be available in Palm either. (I made sure I have “markdown” under the advanced components in the example class that I imported from an older site where it worked.)

Hi @Rohan, are you using Tutor? If so, you’ll need to include it in your openedx image.
In config.yml add:

- markdown-xblock==1.3.0

run tutor config save & rebuild your openedx image

If done so, the component should show up in your courses (after you re-import). I’ll make sure to add this to the README as well.

I have now tested the XBlock in a Quince Tutor devstack; I was able to install v1.3.0 without issues but still I bumped the requirements and updated the README with instructions how to install and configure the XBlock in a Tutor environment. So we’ve now tagged v1.4.0 and I tested that again in my devstack and it seems to be working fine.

@Rohan if you are still having troubles with it please give me some more information about your setup.

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I can confirm I got it to work. The full steps required are as follows:

pip install markdown-xblock==1.4.0
tutor config save --append OPENEDX_EXTRA_PIP_REQUIREMENTS=markdown-xblock==1.4.0
tutor images build openedx
tutor local launch

(I’m not sure if that --append option for tutor config save is new to Quince or not, but I had never seen it before.)

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Hello @mrtmm. I would just note that I was trying to use the instructions from and it didn’t say anything about needing to do tutor images build openedx, and so I kept not seeing the markdown plugin working. Could you add that to the README so it’s more clear? Thank you.