MFE Comprehensive Theming

Good morning team!

We are looking at upgrading to Olive and have started to do some research on what that will take. One of the areas that we wanted to clarify our understanding in is the comprehensive theming and if that can be done in MFE. We are currently on Nutmeg Tutor and are using the legacy frontend experience and a custom theme.

Based on our understanding instead of building our own theme:
edx-platform/themes/{custom-theme}/{cms,lms,common}/{page override, or added styling}

We will need to migrate those changes to a brand and install that in the MFE.

Our theme has some modifications/overrides to a few of the pages. We were wondering if that is still supported in MFEs? If that is possible is there any documentation on that process?

I found the following Migrating a Comprehensive Theme From the Legacy Fronted to the MFE and I think this is the video that went with it Migrating a comprehensive theme from the legacy frontend to the MFE.

If anyone has any extra information in the comprehensive theming to MFE branding and can share we would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!


I’m Stefania from Abstract-Technology in Berlin/Germany, As a commercial Open EdX verified vendor, we can provide the service to help. We have a long experience in branding Open EdX, from comprehensive theme to MFE and hybrid (comprehensive+MFE). The theming with MFE should be easier, a lot of work has been done to move to React App, some more work is needed to get there. If you need help or a short call, just contact us at

As far as I know, the only official document about the branding is here (I included this link in my slides).

You can only override the CSS in the MFEs. You can find some example overrides here. I encourage you to check out the edx-simple-theme, as it shows a structure that allows sharing some CSS between the comprehensive theme and the MFEs. We use it as a base for building more complex themes (that work in both the legacy experience and the MFEs).

By the way, I used the method described in the linked talk last week to migrate two (fairly complex) themes from the legacy comprehensive themes to the MFE branding packages within a single day. Both themes were based on the edx-simple-theme. Unfortunately, I cannot share them publicly, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.