MFE containers keep on restarting

I’m trying to install tutor with nightly branch for Open edX development. However, all of my MFE containers like authn-1 are keep on restarting within the span of 2-3 minutes as result of it webpack build does not complete. I’m getting this in logs

56% building 3/4 entries 11999/12000 dependencies 4195/4284 modulesKilled
2023-01-25 12:08:04 
2023-01-25 12:08:04 > @edx/frontend-app-authn@0.1.0 start
2023-01-25 12:08:04 > fedx-scripts webpack-dev-server --progress "--config" "./"
2023-01-25 12:08:04 
2023-01-25 12:08:18 No local module configuration file found. This is fine.
2023-01-25 12:08:22 Browserslist: caniuse-lite is outdated. Please run:
2023-01-25 12:08:22   npx browserslist@latest --update-db
2023-01-25 12:08:22   Why you should do it regularly:
<i> [webpack-dev-server] [HPM] Proxy created: /api/mfe_config/v1  ->
<i> [webpack-dev-server] Project is running at:
<i> [webpack-dev-server] Loopback: http://localhost:1999/
<i> [webpack-dev-server] Content not from webpack is served from '/openedx/app/public' directory
<i> [webpack-dev-server] 404s will fallback to '/authn/index.html'

My docker versions are here.

Can some one help?

Do you have enough free memory in your system for all the containers?

I have allocated 8GB of RAM to docker daemon

Maybe try a bit more? I just let my Docker run free in 32GB or RAM, and rarely run into these kinds of issues.

I have increased docker daemon RAM allocation to 12GB and it appears to have fixed the issue. Should not we change tutor minimum requirements docs?.

I think updating the docs is a great idea.