Micro-frontends in Juniper?

With Juniper, the LMS & CMS are going to have the react based micro-frontends components? If so, which part of the LMS/ CMS pages have react components? Where can I see the list. Please help to understand better.

I saw in one post that documentation of micro-frontends configuration will be done between juniper.1 and juniper.2.

@Sateesh_Kumar, you can find the list of micro-frontend apps in development here.

Also, you can find the WIP, draft Juniper release notes here.

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Thanks Guru! I’m waiting for juniper.2

Juniper.2 has been tagged, but it’s really only a few fixes on top of juniper.1. The release notes are now published: https://edx.readthedocs.io/projects/open-edx-release-notes/en/latest/juniper.html

Right now, the support for micro-frontends in Open edX installations is not strong. We’re looking for people to collaborate on how to support them.