Microsoft Translator with Open edX

Hi guys,

I want to use Microsoft Translator instead of default Django translator. I have override below function with my own custom function in .html and .py files as per this Documentation and it’s working fine.

from django.utils.translation import ugettext

But there are in java script gettext syntax used to translate any sentence i.e. gettext('Email Address (Sign In)'). Is there any way to override gettext function ? I want to use Microsoft translation APIs.

Please let me know if anyone has used any other method for translation.


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I haven’t seen Microsoft Translator before, but it looks like a web service that translates text automatically? That doesn’t seem like a good replacement for the Django translation utilities. Those translations will be looked up every time you load a page, so you’d be sending the same text to be translated to Microsoft over and over again.

Or maybe I’ve misunderstood how you were going to use it?

Hi @nedbat

Thanks for your response.

Yes, Microsoft Translator is a web service and we need to call an API to translate each text. You correctly understand. We have used this service because it provides all text translation in all languages.