Tutor's LC_MESSAGES are hrad coded 'edX'

Please help!

My openEDX version: tutor 15.3.6

I found that ‘edx’ is hard coded in the following file:

msgid “For more information and assistance, contact info@edx.org.”

msgid “Welcome to edX”

msgid “If you need assistance, contact edX support.”

What would be the proper way to change the text in this file?

Hi @am2021! Thanks for your question!

Those strings are part of a Django message file for Tamil.

A hack: you could edit the strings directly in the *.po file then compile the message file, assuming you’re running your Open edX instance exclusively in Tamil.

This hack won’t be very sustainable as the file will be periodically overwritten by changes upstream.

If you want to submit a pull request, you could mirror examples such as:

Would highly recommend 9.1. Internationalization Coding Guidelines — Open edX Developer's Guide documentation if you haven’t seen it already as a good reference for developing with i18n in the Open edX platform.

If you can’t submit a pull request, this may be a good issue to add to the ecommerce repository. The repository is currently unmaintained and scheduled for deprecation, but it’s good to have this issue documented in case a community maintainer picks up the repository.

It is possible that there is a Tutor-based fix that may be more helpful to you, but as I don’t use Tutor I can’t help you there.

Hope this helps!


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