Migrating User Accounts from legacy Cypress application

I have an old version of Open edX that is running on Cypress, and has a couple thousand user accounts.

We are starting a new project that will be running on a Juniper, and we would like the users on our old Cypress application to be able to use the Juniper application without having to create new accounts (It’s basically a reboot of the app they are currently using). Is there any kind of way to migrate user accounts (just username, password, and profile info. Nothing historical like their course info and history) to our new Juniper application?

I tried creating a copy of the application and upgrading it to the next release, but couldn’t get the DB to migrate cleanly. Is it possible to just write a script that maps DB columns from Cypress to Juniper’s more updated schema?

Hi! Here in RaccoonGang we had a successful experience in data migration from Ficus to Hawthorn. But your case is …deeper (=
The general recommendation is to perform migrations from release to release one-by-one.

And yes… this is your path: https://edx.readthedocs.io/projects/edx-developer-docs/en/latest/named_releases.html

Here is the starting point https://edx.readthedocs.io/projects/edx-installing-configuring-and-running/en/latest/platform_releases/dogwood.html#upgrading-from-cypress-to-dogwood

I think you need to try to migrate the first 3 releases one-by-one and after that (from Ficus --> Juniper) at once.

Hope it’ll help in some way…

Yeah that is what I figured. Thanks for the response @wowkalucky, I appreciate the info

As far as I know it is not possible to install some versions of Open edX and they are out of support.
so you may be in trouble to upgrade your data version by version.
BTW you’re lucky because it would be possible to directly upgrade your data from Cypress to Juniper. It would be very complicated and during the process there may happen a lot of special situations so I can’t explain the method here. I suggest you to ask help from an expert Django developer.