Migration from Open edX Ginkgo to Koa

I am new to the subject of Open edX but I have an ginkgo installation running inside a vagrant, I need to migrate to the koa version. I already have it installed and running inside an Ec2 on aws. I would like to know what is the best way to pass data and users to the new version.

Upgrading Open edX instance should be from one release to the next release. so if you are on ginkgo, you better follow this path:

ginkgo -> hawthorn -> ironwood -> juniper -> koa

follow instructions in upgrading from the Juniper Release to upgrade from juniper to koa. find other instructions under their own page. (choose from the left sidebar)
as a final note, you may be able to upgrade directly but it’s not tested and there is no guarantee. you can try it on your own.

Thanks for the answer, would you know to tell me what configuration files are needed for the migration? Already realized of the databases

I have a checklist for the upgrade process. I share it here:

  1. migrate MySQL and MongoDB databases
  2. transfer lms, studio, ecommerce and other configuration files
  3. transfer and setup cronjobs
  4. transfer webserver Virtual Host files and corresponding SSl certificates
  5. transfer theme directory

there is no specific migrations configuration file. all actions you need have been explained in the link I sent in my last post.
if your answer was not here, please ask again with more details about what you want to know