Missing Previous Logs After Building Open edX Image using Tutor

Dear Community,

I recently installed Open edX using tutor version 14.0.4 and integrated a custom theme. Whenever I make changes to the theme, I build a new Open edX image using the command “tutor images build openedx” and start it using “tutor start -d”.

However, I have noticed that whenever I build a new image, my previous logs disappear. When I check the logs using “tutor local logs --follow lms --tail=100 -f”, I can’t see my older logs.

Is there a way to access all my logs from the first day? Please let me know if you have any suggestions or solutions. Thank you in advance for your help.

hello. @Mahendra
When you make new images after you are doing tutor local stop and tutor local start -d or tutor local restart.

so this thing deletes all your previous logs

please read this it will help.

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