MOOC & courses under creative commons?

I’m looking for examples of courses released under creative commons (or similar license). I’m preparing a talk for the upcoming Open edX conference about courses that use the open source approach, and I’d like to feature a few examples. Bonus points if the courses accept contributions.

Some I know of - but I’m sure there are plenty out there I haven’t looked at:

Btw, if you have participated to the course, either as an author/contributor or as a learner, mention it – I might have a few questions for you :slight_smile:

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Here are some examples from UiT

On new server also (Tutor, Nutmeg):

Most Courses on OeX from UiT The Arctic University of Norway are CC licensed.
Not sure this is what you were looking for though…

BTW: There is no way to set CC in our new install (Tutor, Nutmeg) I posted about that a few hours ago. It seems to be missing all together.

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@antoviaque you’ve probably got your talk all squared by now, sorry I’m late to this.

This one is an interesting example to me:

I’ve seen it repurposed in several places including as it’s own course:

And in some courses where it is simply sampled.

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@john_curricume Thanks! It wasn’t too late, I have also included it in the slides :slight_smile: Great example.

Too late now! But my three MIT circuits courses on edx are all open source under creative commons CC BY SA

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