Course Planning & Design: Happy to help!

Hi there,

I’m Shannon and I’m the lead instructional designer at, a small company that has been building courses in Open Edx since 2013. I have been working in higher education supporting students and instructors for the past 10 years and I’d like to offer help to those who are looking for more information on educational principles, active learning, and designing assessments in their courses.

I’m looking forward to connecting with the Open EdX community & hope that we can collaborate soon.

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Welcome to the forums @srushe1!

I love the work you folks do over at - we’ve sent plenty of our customers your way in the past and they’re always thrilled with you guys. Thanks for helping our customers shine! Super recommended for anyone else who needs course dev support :smile:


Hi Shannon, Great to see you on here. One of the things I have appreciated about working with you on our MOOCs on AlaskaX is your experience with Open edX. I strongly feel that it is important to take advantage of the built-in functionality of Open edX on the production platform rather than resorting to third party tools, and your knowledge of the Open edX functionality and simply knowing what is possible has come in really handy in supporting our approach to course design. I look forward to continuing the conversation here.


Hi @srushe1

The Open edX® community over on Slack is working on authoring some training courses (initially aimed at other Core Contributors) such as Onboarding Core Contributors (aimed at those who’ve been accepted into the CC program).

I bet your input (even just a little) would be super valuable to the community, plus you’ll be on track to be a Core Contributor!

If you want to get involved head over to Slack or message myself or @sarina who is leading the effort.

Best regards to you and @john_curricume and co.

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