Open Response Assessment Question

Is it possible to create a question that can have an answer submitted by a student, and then evaluated by staff, without peer evaluation and self evaluation? When I try to build that using Open Response Assessment it tells me the assessment order is invalid. I selected only the Learner Training and Staff Assessment steps. Is it possible to use only those? If not, how can I build an assessment where the learner submits something, and the staff evaluates it?

Thank you.

There’s the staff graded assignment (SGA) XBlock. I didn’t try it yet but it seems to do what you want. It’s installed by default in recent versions but you may need to enable it.

Hello Michael,

if you only want the staff to provide the grading, you should not select the “learner training” step.

The standard ORA component you are using should have you covered :slight_smile:

Wow thank you! I completely misunderstood the Learner Training step.