Multiple Sites with MFE and Tutor

I’m about to start a migration project for an install with multiple micro-sites (now just “sites”) that each have their own theme, catalog, and language.

I’m looking around for information about:

  • Are multiple sites still possible now with MFE and tutor?
  • Any guides/best practices for doing so.
  • How is it different to pre-MFE? Are there things that used to be possible but are no longer?

I have found the following threads and clues so far:

Thank you all for those threads but it leads me to think that multiple sites is very loosely supported right now. The last time we looked at this, it seemed like we were changing a lot of the MFE code to get things working, and we eventually stopped.

Interested to hear what other folks experiences have been. Thanks!


I don’t know if this information is still current, but it seems that multisite support is no longer supported.

At least with the installation with tutor