Need to customize export functionality

I have a requirement where I need to customize the export functionality i.e. add a few other operations when the user clicks on the export button. However, I am not able to find the exact functions that are being called to generate the tar.gz that is available for download. Some assistance regarding this would be great.


Hey when the user clicks the export button the export_olx function which is a task is called. The .tar.gz file is stored in the <media_root>/user_tasks/yyyy/mm/dd/<filename> <media_root> as specified in your cms/, yyyy/mm/dd date you exported the course, <filename> .tar.gz file the course has been exported to. For more information on the path the course has been exported to check the user task artifact table in your django admin. Reference export_olx function that performs export of the course, create_export_tarball function that creates .tar.gz file of the course and it’s being called here in the export_olx function. Hopefully this information is enough to help you with what you’re looking for.

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