No server available error. Discussion not working

Hello everyone, I am having a problem with discussion tab. Upon checking, similar to what the others here noticed, forum-stderr.log tells me that no server is available.
I have checked this thread already but I was stuck because his problem is just on the rake version.

This is another thread much more similar to my case, but cs_comments_service is not present in my case so it does not fully solve my problem.

Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @p63gonome3, welcome to the forum!

Can you give us a bit more info? It will make it easier to help. What release are you running (Koa, Lilac, etc), and how did you install it (native, Tutor, something else)?

Hello… thank you for responding

We are running this on Koa. I actually do not know how it was installed. I just got here recently and everything was setup already. Is there a way to check that?

Here is the error message from forum.stderr.log

Sorry I cannot attach pictures directly.


Alright, let’s take that error at face value, for now. The first thing I’d do is look at /edx/app/forum/forum_env and find where the forum expects MongoDB to be. You’ll find this via MONGOHQ_URL.

Next, I’d make sure that MongoDB is in fact running where the URL points. If it’s localhost, a sudo ps -AHfww | less should help answer that question.


MONGOHQ_URL value is mongodb://cs_comments_service:Cn7oHKDo2ejbqD5N8OnokzWoK7TLDsVkTov@localhost:27017/cs_comments_service.

After executing the code sudo ps -AHfww | less, i did not see any mongo db running on the server.

I cant post all the screen shots. I am limited to attaching 5 links.

My workmate told me that mongo is in another server and is accessible thru but when I typed db, nothing is showing. Does it mean that the database is not setup yet?