Tutor (Maple): Getting error while enabling Discussion Forum service

Hello Community,

We have installed Open edX (tutor, version 13.2.2, local docker-based installation) and it is being used as a production site. We have active users and courses on it.

Now, we wanted to enable Discussion Forum on it. So, followed below steps to enable it:

tutor plugins enable forum
tutor config save
tutor local stop
tutor images build openedx
tutor local start -d

But the forum container keeps on restarting and in the forum container logs, it says that the index is missing. Now, read somewhere that you have to do tutor local quickstart so that index can be created for comments in ES and your forum service can be running.

My doubt is that site is live now and is it safe to execute tutor local quickstart? (because I don’t know what will happen underneath when quickstart is executed) Will we lose any data?

Once the forum is up and running we have the same question for the Notes service.


You can init it by tutor local init --limit=forum this suppose to run the necessary startup/init commands.
I am not sure about quickstart command. I think the above command suppose to be sufficient.

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I occasionally run into this and thus far the fundamental problem has always been the ElasticSearch service. It often seems to fix itself. If the problem persists then running tutor xxx quickstart again (or the equivalent for a k8s deployment) has always solved the problem for me.

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Thanks @ghassan & @lpm0073 for your response.

We executed tutor local quickstart and the forum is running w/o any error and the platform is also working as it is.

We will try this on our K8s environment as well (as we are facing the same issue over there also) and post the result here.

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