OEP-1 Update: "Needs Revision" status addition

Review Period

Review Period 17 May - 27 May 2024

Pull Request


Over time, some OEPs may stay relevant - for example, they may have many
sections or core ideas that are still relevant to the project - while containing
many details that have become stale over time. When we are in agreement that the
OEP needs updating, we use this status to indicate to those browsing the OEPs
that this particular one requires some renewed attention.

When changing status to “Needs Revision”, a row titled “Revision Ticket” should
be added to the preamble (directly under the status field) that directs to the
GitHub issue or draft pull request in the open-edx-proposals repository that
describes what about the OEP that needs revisioning.

Please add comments and thoughts on the PR: Add a Needs Revision status for OEPs by sarina · Pull Request #586 · openedx/open-edx-proposals · GitHub

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