OEP-11 Update: Enzyme deprecation

We created an update to OEP-11 that deprecates Enzyme. Here is the PR. Please feel free to add comments to the PR. Unless there are unresolved discussions, I will merge it on Tuesday, June 13. @arbrandes is the arbiter for OEP-11.

The main takeaway is that we don’t want new tests to be written with Enzyme. Instead, the OEP will recommend react-testing-library.

This is due to the discovery that enzyme will not support React 18 and is considered dead by the React community. More infos on this can be found in the Frontend Working Group issue.

We are planning to start a deprecation process for enzyme, as well. And we will try to make it as easy as possible to migrate away from enzyme. Currently this is only necessary if you want to update your repository to React 18. We plan to use the deprecation ticket to collect resources and provide some guidance; in the meantime, you can ask me directly if you have any questions.

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This has now been accepted and merged.