OEP-1: Omnibus update for Clarity & Correctness

Hi all,


@kmccormick and I had a brainstorming session about OEP-1; the impetus was how much confusion and inaccuracy I had seen in the document when I was first asked to be an Arbiter, and then later on wrote an OEP of my own. We sought to note down what in the document felt not true to current practice, as well as what could be simplified or clarified.

We came up with a mini-epic of work, which you can see at tcril-engineering#128.

I have drafts up for 6 of 8 writing change tasks we thought of (Kyle is writing the other two, and we have a few more tasks to clean up the OEPs if our change proposals are accepted).

Ask: Arbiter?

My changes go from reasonably uncontroversial to potentially so. I would love to have an Arbiter who would help both myself and Kyle get our changes through. Of the original Authors and Arbiters, only @feanil and @nedbat are around - tagging you both in case you’d like to help. But anyone in the community can be an Arbiter, and it’s a good chance to interact with the community a bit more.

Current Changes

Here are the changes currently up for review, roughly least to most controversial:

Review Period

Until Friday, 25 Feb, 0900 EST

Thank you for your consideration!