Old Mongo Removal Work

The first PR for the most recent set of work to remove Old Mongo from the system merged today:

For context on this (long running) DEPR effort:

This DEPR was first messaged on these forums in late 2019.

For day-to-day updates of what’s going on, you can join the #tcril-raccoon-gang-old-mongo channel in Slack.


@dave Like you once told me in a BTR or Contributors meeting a few months ago, we at EDUlib are probably one of the older sites (maybe @pdpinch and MIT too) that might still have some “Old Mongo” remnants. We did remove most, if not all, of the courses way back in 2019 or early 2020 when you first mentioned the “Old Mongo” deprecation. It feels years ago now…

Hey @sambapete! Yeah, I talked to @pdpinch a long time ago about this, and they haven’t run Old Mongo courses on their own sites in years (if they ever did?). Stanford also ran these courses, but that instance wound down when Stanford moved their courses to edX.

MIT definitely ran Old Mongo courses on edx.org, but there was a lot of communication to those course teams over the years to get ready for this (and some really terrifying spreadsheets–thousands of these courses were created between the two production environments edX runs, and all of them had to be tracked down and understood). Actual access to the LMS courseware for Old Mongo courses was shut down before Nutmeg was cut.

But no matter how long the runway is, there’s always going to be something. We’re currently investigating instances where courses on other instances of Open edX link directly to static assets in Old Mongo courses running on edx.org. Meaning that when it gets shut off, we’ll be breaking the course experience for someone somewhere. :weary: If the list isn’t too long, I’ll try to get in touch with the relevant site owners.

Thank you very much for retiring your courses when you did. You are one of my heroes.

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