Deprecation/Removal: DraftModuleStore (Old Mongo Modulestore)

Hi folks,

I’ve put together a DEPR for the DraftModuleStore, also known as “Old Mongo”:

The DraftModuleStore (also sometimes referred to as “Old Mongo”) is the interface used to store courseware content for courses with course run keys of the format “Org/Course/Run”, e.g. “edX/Demo/2012”. Newer courses of the format “course-v1:Org+Course+Run” use the DraftVersioningModuleStore (also commonly called “Split Mongo”). This has been available since the Birch release and the vast majority of sites have never used DraftModuleStore. One of the main motivations for the newer modulestore was atomic publishes, as it was possible to get partially applied updates if there was an error during the import process with DraftModuleStore.

The proposed timeline is to have a warning message appear for Juniper, and to remove Old Mongo entirely by Koa. Since we’ve had Split Mongo since Birch, my hope is that this does not affect very many people. But since course lifecycles are not very well managed in edx-platform, I thought it would be better to give a somewhat longer deprecation window than usual.

Full details at:

Because it’s the holiday season and many folks will be taking extended vacations this month, I’m going to leave open the discussion window for longer than usual, and target DEPR acceptance for 2020-01-30.

Thank you.


Edit: In response to feedback, I’ve extended the decision date to 2020-01-30 so that site operators have more time to talk to course teams coming back from winter break.


@dave Yey! Glad to see some old layers get cleaned up lately, thanks for taking care of these :slight_smile:

Just wanted to give this thread a bump, for those who might be recently coming back from holiday break. If there are no more comments by 2020-01-30, the DEPR will move forward as is and “Org/Course/Run” style Old Mongo courses will be removed in the Koa release.

This DEPR ticket has been marked “Accepted”. A deprecation notice will be shown for Old Mongo courses in Juniper, will full removal targeted for Koa.