Olive.3 has been tagged

The BTR working group has just tagged the open-release/olive.3 branch.

The new release includes these changes in addition to the django 3.2.17 → 3.2.18 security update:

---- ./frontend-app-course-authoring ----
80f93fe feat: replace hardcoded edx string in page head (#424)

---- ./configuration ----
6aad3fbeb Merge pull request #6898 from openedx/nadeem/fix-image-builder-credentials
f93de7bfd fix: image builder for credentials

---- ./frontend-app-authn ----
ed4fbaa feat: displaying a support link on the welcome page (#763)
b676a05 fix: Remove horizontal scroll in windows (#759)
ce6cc34 fix: link to the password reset page (#753)
c5deeb7 chore(i18n): update translations (#761)
dabf556 fix: display or sign in with (#750)
fd4404e feat: don't show support button (#746)

---- ./frontend-app-learning ----
fbaa41a feat: Add border for active tab in course navigation at Live page
5dab087 fix: fix alignment in the streak celebration modal
e499280 fix: first section celebration

---- ./edx-platform ----
210dd1d7c2 Merge pull request #31412 from openedx/youtube-scrape-transcripts-squashed (#31862)

---- ./frontend-app-discussions ----
947dd1f fix: my posts tab search (#467)
e158964 Merge pull request #449 from raccoongang/lunyachek/fix/discussion-code-block-formatting-olive
d9e60dd fix: Fix for code block formatting on the post preview and published post view

---- ./course-discovery ----
794d630a3 fix: backport docker publish workflow fix (#3849)

---- ./frontend-app-account ----
c792b0e feat: make password reset support URL configurable (#746)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the release! :olive:

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This new release tag is available in Tutor v15.3.4: Release v15.3.4 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub