Introducing: openedx-tutor-plugins

Ever since Olive, we’ve been trying to find a way for operators to easily try out Open edX features that are in development, but not quite ready for production use. Tutor plugins are the obvious route, but what wasn’t as clear cut was how we’d host them while making it clear which ones are experimental.

Enter openedx-tutor-plugins! As of today, it hosts four clearly-marked experimental plugins meant to be used with Tutor 16.0.0 (yes, just Palm for now):

Each sports its own README with installation instructions, but you can also look at a from-scratch howto I whipped up earlier today:

To make it abundantly clear: these are not meant to be used in production! None of the features they expose are ready for prime time. There may be graphical glitches, translation snafus, broken links, and bugs of all sizes. Nevertheless, we wanted to give folks a way to see what’s coming down the pipes, and hopefully give us some early feedback.

Shout-out to @ghassan, @Ben_Warzeski and @brian.smith for helping to get these into a reasonably usable state for Palm!


PS: While the features are experimental, the openedx-tutor-plugins repository itself is maintained. That means if you find problems with the Tutor plugins themselves, feel free to open issues and we’ll try and fix them. The idea is, after all, for these plugins to eventually graduate into production status. This includes possibly moving them to tutor-mfe for default inclusion, if it makes sense to do so.