Online community meetup: March 18th: What is Open edX?

Online community meetup: March 18th: What is Open edX?

Ned Batchelder (edX) and Fox Piacenti (OpenCraft): What is Open edX?

The Open edX platform is large and powerful, but that can bring confusion. What are the major components of the software, and what do they do? The software is used by, but edX is different than Open edX, another point of confusion. Ned and Fox will tag-team to explain it all, with plenty of time for questions and answers.

Do you have questions? Post them to this thread in advance, so we can include them.

Thursday, March 18, 1pm EDT US / 17:00 UTC. (time converter); ZOOM link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

This event will be recorded and available on YouTube. Previous recordings are in the Community Meetups playlist.


Looking forward to see the recording! I think it’ll be helpful to incorporate in the course we’re making: GitHub - openedx/onboarding-course-introduction: Introduction to Open edX for engineers.

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Looking forward to it!

I have some questions that are centred around use cases that we have:

  • How can you maintain learner’s engagement in self-paced courses? There are features like nudges, milestones, relative dates… Could give an example of using these features to keep the learners engaged in the course?
  • What features are available out of the box to enable a level of gamification?
  • edX seems to have a couple of repos around B2B use cases (e.g. edx-enterprise) - What are the typical use cases for these?
  • A few people have asked about implementation around a subscription model, license-manager seems to a step towards it, is it something that the community can use?


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Thanks. We won’t have much time, so I’m not sure how much detail we can go into on some of these questions, but it’s good to know what is on people’s minds.

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Thanks everyone for attending! We had a good bunch of questions, and thanks especially to @Fox_Piacenti for helping with the presentation.

The video recording is here:


@nedbat and @Fox_Piacenti thank you so much for leading this! The video will definitely go in the course!

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